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"In consideration of Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited (MOHFL) granting / reviewing of my/ our loan application. I/ we do hereby irrevocably agree, declare & confirm that I/ we have personally read and understood/ have been read over, explained and interpreted in vernacular language, in full before execution of all the terms and conditions which have been received concurrently by myself/ authorized representative upon availing of the loan facility.

Information provided in digital platform/website by my/our true and free from consent. I/ we declare that all the particulars and information given in this application are true, correct and complete and that all such information may form the basis of my loan approval.

I/ we also confirm that uploaded and attached photographs/photocopy/soft copy/any other form of digitally accepted documents present true identity of myself/ ourselves, document belongs to me/us and for which I/ we have accepted full responsibility and agree not to make any claims against the company in respect thereto.

The applicants hereby authorize MOHFL to provide information about the applicants/ firm to any Banks/ Financial Institution, Credit Bureaus or any Common Service Providers who manage Credit Bureaus or database of defaulting customers, any supervisory or regulatory authority, anyone else in accordance with the law of India.

I/ we also confirm that I/ we am/ are not a defaulter of any Bank/ Financial Institution and also no insolvency proceedings been initiated against me/ us. I/ we unconditionally agree and authorize MOHFL that necessary investigation may be conducted as deemed fit at their end towards processing of the loan application as received by MOHFL.

I/We undertake and declare that I/we will comply with the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (‘FEMA’) and the applicable rules, regulations, notifications, directions or orders made there under and any amendments thereof. I/We undertake to intimate the MOHFL before proceeding overseas on permanent employment and/or emigrating and/or changing my/our nationality.

I/ we understand and acknowledge that MOHFL shall decide on the loan application basis the policies in force at the time of making this application and shall have the absolute discretion, to reject our application and the company shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever to me/ us for such rejection or any delay in notifying me/ us.

I/We acknowledge that the MOHFL remains entitled to assign any activities to any third party agency at its sole discretion. I/We further acknowledge the right of the MOHFL to provide details of my/our account to third party agencies for the purpose of availing support services of any nature by the MOHFL, without any specific consent or authorisation from me/us.

I/we understand benefit and convenience of group life, health and property insurance plans, which are available for my/us consideration. If I/we opt for cover, MOHL would administer of enrolment for the chosen plan. I/we know that insurance cover is optional for the purpose of the loan application and may also be obtained from other providers. However, I/we know that the insurance of property purchased/ constructed by MOHL finance is mandatory. I/we know this is an individual reducing term insurance policy underwritten by the Insurance service provider, which covers me/us against death and/or disability (as defined in the policy) to protect my/our dependents from the liability of the loan outstanding. I/we agree that the policy covers the outstanding loan balance for the selected loan tenor of the loan for an up-front one time premium. I/We understand that option exercised between the life insurance products and Property insurance products offered by insurance company is final and cannot be changed at a later stage.

I/We declare that I/We are not a director of MOHFL or specified near relation (as defined in the Companies Act 1956) of any of the directors of MOHFL

I/We further acknowledge that I / We have read, understood and agree with the Most Important Terms and Conditions governing the loan product chosen by me/us. MITC is available in website

I/ we understand that the charges paid to MOHFL towards out of pocket expenses and/ or processing fee is NON-REFUNABLE, irrespective of the sanction/ rejection of the loan. I/ we will not be entitled to any kind of refund either in part or in full. I/ we have not made any payment (and will not pay) either through cash/ cheque or otherwise to any Executive/ DSA or any other person in his/ her personal name for grant/ processing of the loan application.

I/ we confirm that laws in relation to the unsolicited communication referred in “National Do No Call Registry” as laid down by “TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA” will not be applicable for any information/ communication to me/ us. I/ we undertake to inform MOHFL and/ or its group companies and/ or its agents may require. It is my/ our responsibility and I/ we undertake, agree, declare and confirm that I/ we shall inform / update MOHFL regarding any change/s in my/ our address(s) or my/ our employment or profession. I/ we have no objection to MOHFL and/ or its group companies and/ or its agents providing me information on various products, offers and services provided by MOHFL and/ or its group companies through any mode (including telephone calls, SMSs/ Mails, Letters etc.) and with respect to my loan application authorize MOHFL and/ or its group companies and/ or its agents for above purpose.

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