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Life At MOHF

At Motilal Oswal Home Finance Ltd (MOHFL) we believe meritocracy. We have a pool of young talent coupled by the experience of veterans in the industry. This perfect blend of experience and enthusiam helps us achieve the co-creation we aim at and right balance at work in terms of gaining knowledge on the job, as well as infusing the right kind of energy into the team. At MOHFL, we believe that everyone can learn,hence, we are able to groom and chart the right career path for our employees based on their interest,knowledge and demonstrated skills.

What we look for is an impeccable personal values system, dynamism, skills, focus on customer centric behavior, passion and high-energy to continuously nurture an enjoyable professional culture. You will work with diverse teams of highly motivated people who are collaborative and result oriented in delivering value to our customers. You will have the chance to learn from supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with deep industry skills & expertise. This unique team culture offers you a diverse network of skilled, amiable colleagues and leaders who are committed to help you – and ultimately our clients.

All our HR initiatives are digitalized as we believe in creating paperless office.

Our prime focus is to ease employee life cycle starting with online pre- onboarding to post joining learning alongwith, we have built robust mechanism for our key processes like PMS and , Talent Management etc.
At MOHFL we emphasize on training and building overall skills of our employees. We have various Iinternal Functional as well as Behavioral training Programme / Workshops suitable to the need and function of the employee.
Further to promote learning & development form a Digitalized HR, we have entrusted 7 training mandate for all our employees as part of their KRA’s. Our training areas has been divided in 3 key platforms which are classroom training for Technical domain, Soft skills and Critical aspects and , Internal online E-Learning Modules for PAN India employees. A, alongwith the above that we also have role wise training and assessment programs for knowledge checks.
Our Objective is to build strong Leadership Capabilities for our rapidly growing organization.
Enhancing “People Developmental” culture.
Our Agenda is to create various Group and Individual Talent Development Programmes with different assessment parameters.
We have Group Leadership Programmes like Situational Leadership which includes all SL level employees. Individual programmes like MOLD and PACE are carried out at individual level.
We have also initiated ‘MOHFL Leadership Academy’ programme to nurture talented resources for leadership roles.
At Motilal Oswal Home Loans, we provide our employees with opportunities to connect with each other on a regular basis. In fact, most of the events which we organize are designed to make the employees feel at home. We organize events like Birthday Celebrations, Foundation Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Picnics, some internationally recognized days such as Children’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Health Month, Earth Day, etc. Festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Navratri are celebrated with traditional zest and fun activities like inter-department competitions, quiz, games, etc. are also organized to boost employee morale.
We also organize activities like Pot Lunch, Birthday Celebrations, Success Celebration at Individual/ Branch level.
Sports is something which is close to the heart of our employees wherein we have a plethora of competitions such as Cricket Championship League for men as well as women, Carom Competitions, Table Tennis, etc. at Head Office and State wise Football and Cricket matches.
To keep employees abreast with inter-organisation news, we have a monthly communication which is sent which covers news like the details of all new employees, individual employee achievements, industry updates etc. Through the newsletter every employee gets an opportunity to know about their colleagues/ organization and at the same time a platform to express their thoughts.
Apart from this we have state wise Town halls, Family visits at Head Office/ Branches, Regional Official Events, Regional offsites etc.
MOHFL Management Trainee Program is one year training program for the fresh management graduates.
These fresh graduates, management graduates have to go through 6-7 rotational stints of 2 months in corporate functions like Corporate Planning, Risk, Finance & Accounts, Credit, Operations, Marketing/ Collections during the 1 year program in Head Office and Branches where Mentors and Guides are assigned. The rotational assignments will include orientation to the function and working on Live Action Projects.
They will also get exposure to all major / critical business functions of a Housing Finance Company and our aim is to develop an All-Rounder, a complete Housing Finance Professional. They are also assigned with Special Projects apart from regular stints.
Objective of the program
● To build trainees who have a well-thoroughrounded understanding of the business teams before becoming subject matter experts.
● To build and nurture strong well rounded leaders that will pipeline for managerial roles over the next 3 – 5 years.
● To accelerate the development of young talent and build a talent pool for the organization.

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