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Customer Success Story

My dream home, finally a reality!

I always thought that as a salaried employee I would easily get a home loan, however, I was unable to get a loan, on my terms, from most nationalised banks.

A friend of mine asked me to visit the MOHFL office, which to my surprise, worked in my favour! When I met them, the process they explained to me was quite simple, and hassle free.

Their executives addressed all my queries in detail, and soon my loan of Rs. 9.8 lakhs was sanctioned. They also helped me avail a subsidy of Rs. 2.17 lakhs under PMAY, significantly reducing my EMI burden.

I doubt that any other organisation or bank could have given me better services. Today, if anyone talks to me about a home loan, my first answer to them is that they must visit the Motilal Oswal Home Finance office immediately.

Dream Come True

"Living in a rented accommodation was a huge financial burden for our family. Somehow I managed to save some money to build a home for my family. For this I applied for loan in many organizations but my application for a home loan was rejected by several organisations, and my frustration grew." "When the Motilal Oswal Home Finance team came to our area for a camp, I contacted their Relationship Manager. They examined my intentions while judging my capacity to repay the loan. Within just five days of submitting all the required documents, my loan was successfully processed. I received my cheque, and we were able to build our dream house. To our joy, we even got Subsidy of Rs.2.15 Lacs under PMAY scheme deducting my tenure from 240 months to 125 months because of which I saved money in repayment and interest." Today, we are no longer at the mercy of a landlord, and live in our own home. A long cherished dream has been fulfilled at last."

Customer Satisfaction Is Priceless

I used to run a small Nursery Plantation selling small plants and flowers in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai. To increase my sales, I began approaching building premises and offices in the vicinity. That is how I first came in contact with Motilal Oswal Home Finance. After starting a business in Ulhasnagar, I decided to purchase a house for my family. The property I liked was valued at Rs.15 lakhs, but I knew I would have to take a loan for at least half the amount. Finally, I managed to save Rs.5 lakhs, but still needed funds to pay the balance. When I tried for a loan, not a single bank was willing to help, as I didn’t have proof of a regular income.I then turned to MOHFL and decided to give my luck a chance. Despite bare minimum documentation, they granted my loan application. They also guided me through the entire process, making my life a lot easier. I received Rs.10 lakhs, using which I started building my house and was also eligible for PMAY Scheme through which I received a subsidy of Rs.1.42 lakhs, thus reducing EMI amount significantly.

A Home Loan That Fits Just Right

Malanbi Shaikh aged 50 was one of the Beedi Kamgar workers, who was looking for own home since so many years. She was residing in rented premises with her son who is an Auto Driver. The Beedi kamgar Gruhnirman Sanstha incorporated in the year 2007 in Bhiwandi & started to build homes for their workers. The Sanstha have applied to many financial institutions for funding to construct the homes for employees but they have not got any positive response due to kind of Non Professional business.

MOHFL takes the initiative for funding to this Project. After 8 years Malanbi’s dream comes true and was sanctioned a loan amount of Rs. 3,24,097/-. Adding to her dreams she even got Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) Subsidy of Rs. 1,16,401/- reducing her loan tenure from 180 months to 89 months. She is very thankful to MOHFL & MALA team for getting such a kind & delightful customer service

Bread Winner To Home Owner

In the middle of the city in Mumbai’s bustling streets is Munna Prasad. With only primary school education, Munna Prasad set up his own sandwich stall in a busy in busy commercial market place in Andheri East.

Munna currently lives with his wife and 2 children near Mahakali Caves, Andheri. He works for long hours to earn enough money to raise and educate both his sons and meet all his domestic expenses.

With his business flourishing and children enrolled in school, Munna Prasad was ready to take the next steps in securing his and his family’s future-HOME. With the help of MOHFL, Munna Prasad can now also proudly count himself among Mumbai’s newest home owners. For him, a home loan has been the best invention since sliced bread!

Sculpting A Dream

Virendra a resisdent of Ahmedabad is involved in tailoring business from years down the line. He used to stay in a rented apartment from last 25 years, due to which he was changing his apartment after every couple of years. He always dreamed of owning a home close to his relatives, for which he approached many financial institutions. But due to lack of proper documentation he faced rejection from all the banks.

But one day a member of MOHFL Team visited his shop understood the problem Virendra was facing. MOHFL Team helped him understanding the loan eligibility criteria and the benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) scheme. The loan was sanctioned within a week and also helped him in saving money and buying a home near to his relatives.

Needless to say he has not only been able to dream of his own home but also create it!

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