Extra room for your extended family

As time passes by, the requirements of your family change.  Accordingly you may demand more from your current property and rightly so. You may aspire for a comfortable living for your growing family. For this you may need extra space in the existing property. We make it convenient to make this extension to your existing home.  We provide loans to construct additional room/s or floor within the permissible building plan.


Loan Amount

5 Lakhs
25 Lakhs
Cap of
85% of the cost of construction
* At the discretion of AHFCL

Loan Tenure

5 Years
25 Years
20 Years

We offer loans covering the total cost towards home extension with the cost estimates approved by a certified engineer / architect and verified by an AHFCL valuer with a cap of 85% of the cost of construction.

Loan tenor may not be extended beyond the age of sixty (60) years in case of Salaried and Seventy (70) in case of self-employed customers at the time of loan maturity

Interest Rate
Customer Type Interest Rate RPLR Minus Spread AHFCL RPLR
Salaried 12.00% to 16.00% 6.50 % to 3.50 % 18.50%
Self Employed 12.00% to 16.00% 6.50 % to 3.50 % 18.50%
Self Employed / Non Professional 12.50% to 16.00% 6.50 % to 2.50 % 18.50%
* RPLR - Retail Prime Lending Rate
Processing Fees
Sr. No. Fees / Charges Type Description
1. Non-refundable Processing fees (IMD): Rs. 3,540 /- (Three Thousand, Five Hundred and Fourty only) The processing fee is a onetime non-refundable fee, and is collected by AHFCL for the purpose of appraising the application for the Loan and the same are independent of the outcome/result of such appraisal. Please note that the processing fees is payable at the time of submitting Application Form, duly filled in by way of cheque/Demand Draft favouring AHFCL and /or such other mode as may be acceptable to the Company.
2. Total Administration Fees (Inclusive of the non – refundable processing fees amount) 2.00% to 3% of the sanction amount plus applicable taxes and/ or other statutory levies

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